About HowJdo Language Travels

HowJdo Language Travels is an online language travel agency which holds 500+ language schools and accommodations worldwide. We help teenagers and adults in finding the best language schools and language stays abroad, at the best prices.

Among others, we offer you:

  • 500+ language schools and accommodations worldwide
    We have a wide selection of language schools worldwide, and they teach a wide range of languages. This means that you have a high number of possibilities, when you are choosing your language school. Furthermore, we are continuously working on adding new language schools.
  • Price guarantee
    When you book with us, it is typically cheaper than if you book with the language school itself. This is because we, as an agent, get commission from the schools. In order to give you price guarantee, we have chosen to share the commission with you through a discount.
  • Unbiased student reviews
    At our website, you can read reviews by former students. One can sometimes feel at bit insecure when having to choose between the many options of language schools. Therefore we have chosen to help you by sharing the former students’ personal experiences.
  • Independent counseling and guidance
    We do not own the language schools or language courses. Thus, you can be sure that we have your interests at heart, since we can provide 100 % impartial counseling.
  • Simplicity and overview
    It is incredibly important to us that you feel comfortable and informed during the entire process. Because of that, we pride ourselves in making it easy and transparent for you to compare language schools and language courses abroad.
  • No fees
    We never charge fees for the services we offer, so the price you see is the price you pay.
  • Accredited language schools
    We only offer you accredited language school. This means, that you are sure of getting a language school, which lives up to a certain standard of quality.